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For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer



After being ill for a long time, his grandfather eventually ________.
a. death
b. dyed
c. died
d. dead



I’m going to an office party tonight, a colleague of ________ is leaving.
a. mine
b. me
c. my
d. myself



Peter burned ________ when he was cooking the dinner.
a. he
b. him
c. hisself
d. himself



Sue is lucky because she ________ catches a cold.
a. rare
b. hardly
c. scarcely
d. rarely



Which of the following is grammatically countable?
a. money
b. news
c. people
d. information



Which is correct?
a. Alice is not as tall as I am.
b. Alice is not as tall than I am.
c. I'm taller than is Alice.
d. I'm taller as Alice.



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