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Present perfect?


For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer.



. (In British English) Oh you look lovely, __________ your hair?
a. have you cut
b. did you cut
c. did you have cut
d. had you cut



(She lives in Sydney today) How long __________ in Sydney?
a. did you live
b. have you lived
c. do you live
d. were you living



I'm hungry, it's midday and I _______ haven't eaten anything!
a. just
b. yet
c. still
d. already



I'm a bit nervous, you see this is the first time ___________ in a plane.
a. I flew
b. I flied
c. I’ve flied
d. I’ve flown



Have you ever _________ snake?
a. ate
b. eaten
c. eated
d. eat



'Would you like a cup of coffee?' 'No thanks, I've _______ had one
a. just
b. yet
c. still
d. just about to



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