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For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer



A: “I’m going to Paris for the weekend.” B: “______ you? How lovely!”
a. Will
b. Are
c. Shall
d. Do



Which activity is more permanent in these sentences?
a. I’m learning to play the piano.
b. I’ve been reading a lot recently.
c. She smokes 20 cigarettes a day.
d. She’s been working as a waitress.



Which of the following is countable? For example you cannot have a work


because work is uncountable.
a. accommodation
b. news
c. money
d. glass



When you were little, what time _______?
a. did you have to go to bed?
b. had you to go to bed?
c. did you must go to bed?
d. must you go to bed?



What would be the most likely response to the following, in a bar?
A: What would you like to drink? B: No, ________ the drinks.
a. I’ll get
b. I’m going to get
c. I’ll be getting
d. I’ll have got



Which is the least strong adverb? I feel ________ tired.
a. a bit
b. quite
c. very
d. extremely



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