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Письменные сокращения в английском языке.

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Contractions With Pronouns

Contractions With Nouns

Contractions With Question Words


I'm working this morning.


What'm I supposed to say? (common only in spoken English)


He's going to come. - She's a teacher. - It's easy!

John's at work. - Mary's playing the piano at the moment.

Who's on the telephone? - What's he doing?


You're a great friend! - They're playing golf this afternoon.

The books're on their way. (common only in spoken English)

What're you going to do?


He's been to Paris twice. - It's been such a long time! - She's lived there all her life.

Mary's gone to the store.

What's she been doing? - Who's been invited?


I've finished my homework. - They've got two cars.

The students've finished their homework. (common only in spoken English)

Where've you been all day? (common only in spoken English)


He'd been waiting for three hours. - We'd better be going.

Jack'd worked there before he left. (common only in spoken English)

What'd you done before that? (common only in spoken English)


I'll get you something to eat. - We'll be there soon.

Peter'll catch the bus to work.

What'll we do? Where'll you take us?


I'd like some fish. They'd love to ask you some questions.

Jane'd love to come.

Where'd you like to go? (common only in spoken English)


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