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For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer



Which word is spelt correctly in British English?
a. jewellor
b. jewller
c. jeweler
d. jeweller



The internet and email are ________ for my work. Which is the correct
spelling of the missing word?
a. nessessary
b. neccessary
c. necessary
d. neccesary



If you have lost your keys, who should you call?
a. a chiropodist
b. a glazier
c. a locksmith
d. a tailor



Fill the space with the correct word(s). 'He was ________ because the
company restructured and his job was closed'.
a. sacked
b. made redundant
c. fired
d. dismissed



If I want to sell my house I call a(n) ________.
a. undertaker
b. estate agent
c. chiropodist
d. glazier



Which expression is NOT to do with finishing a job?
a. He was made redundant.
b. He was promoted.
c. He took early retirement.
d. He was sacked.



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