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For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer.
1. Mr Bridges never offers to pay for anything as he is tight-________.
a. lipped
b. fingered
c. handed
d. fisted
2. My sister never listens to anyone, she’s so ________ headed.
a. donkey
b. bad
c. pig
d. light
3. Someone who does not like to change their mind, even when they are
wrong can be called ‘stubborn as a ________’.
a. horse
b. donkey
c. mule
d. ox
4. If you think someone is crazy, you can say they are ‘As mad as a
a. March hare
b. January rabbit
c. September cat
d. June elephant
5. If someone can't hear, you can say ‘He's as deaf as a ________’.
a. tree
b. bus stop
c. flagpole
d. post
6. If you are kind and generous, people say ‘You have a heart of ________’.
a. silver
b. diamonds
c. gold
d. sunshine
7. Someone who hates working is lazy or a lazy ________.
a. legs
b. bones
c. head
b. arms
8. If you don’t like spending money, you are mean. Which is opposite?
a. tight-fisted
b. a penny-pincher
c. stingy
d. a spendthrift
9. Which of the following is connected with being young?
a. a pensioner
b. a toddler
c. about to retire
d. over the hill
10. He’s always in trouble with the police, his family are ashamed, he’s the
________ ________ of the family.
a. yellow parrot
b. red herring
c. grey dog
d. black sheep
11. Which adjective describes someone who is happy one moment and
upset and angry a moment later?
a. obstinate
b. bigheaded
c. naive
d. moody
12. Which adjective describes someone’s character and not appearance?
a. two-faced
b. curly haired
c. sun-tanned
d. blue-eyed



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