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Festive Prepositions
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Festive prepositions


For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer.



When I was a child I used to believe __________ Father Christmas.
a. at
b. on
c. by
d. in



Every year I love helping my Dad put __________ the decorations around the
a. on
b. up
c. in
d. off



On Christmas Eve I usually stay __________ late and go to Midnight Mass.
a. in
b. on
c. up
d. over



Every year I buy my Mum a box __________ chocolates for Christmas.
a. off
b. of
c. in
d. on



I prefer to be with my family __________ Christmas Day.
a. over
b. on
c. at
d. in



I always drink a toast to see __________ the New Year.
a. out
b. over
c. through
d. in



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