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For each of the eight questions choose the one correct answer
1. Choose the correct spelling of the word for a group of cows
a. herd
b. heard
c. hurd
d. herde
2. What word do we use to describe a baby goat?
a. a lamb
b. a kid
c. a calf
d. a foal
3. Which of the following animals is not a member of the cat family?
a. a cheetah
b. an ibex
c. a panther
d. a leopard
4. Which bird is the symbol of peace?
a. pigeon
b. dove
c. eagle
d. parrot
5. Which is the odd one out?
a. prawns
b. mussels
c. lobster
d. goose
6. Which of the following is never found in a school ?
a. herring
b. porpoise
c. whale
d. dolphin
7. We say a flock of sheep (group). What do we have a swarm of?
a. fish
b. bees
c. dogs
d. cows
8. What verb describes the sound a cat makes?
a. bark
b. buzz
c. hiss
d. purr

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