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After attending a summer school in Brighton, Jose spoke English much more _______.I had to drive very ________ because the snow was coming down ________.Which one is NOT correct? The whole team had to work _________ to meet the deadline.Which of the following is NOT an adverb?All the following are correct - but which one is only American English?She came home crying - she had driven so ________ on her test and failed again!

Grammar Adverbs


For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer.


a. fluently
b. confidently
c. accurately
d. completely


a. slowly / heavily
b. slow / heavy
c. slowly / heavy
d. slow / heavily


a. quickly
b. quick
c. fast
d. hard


a. badly
b. quietly
c. friendly
d. carefully


Brian was _________ angry about losing his job.
a. real
b. terribly
c. incredibly
d. really


a. bad
b. worse
c. the worst
d. badly



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