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Fears and Phobias
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Fears and phobias


For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer.



I’m frightened of snakes, I mean they're dangerous and they look so __________ too.
a. scaring
b. scared
c. scary
d. scare



Which of the following is an insulting word for someone who is easily frightened? -
used especially by children
a. scaredy-dog
b. scaredy-mouse
c. scaredy-fish
d. scaredy-cat



She's absolutely ______________ of spiders, she can't even look at them.
a. terrifying
b. terrify
c. up
d. terrified



Ayuko can't travel on the metro, she has to take the bus - she suffers from
a. claustrophobia
b. agoraphobia
c. arachnophobia
d. acrophobia



He said he had seen a ghost, and it's true, his face was as white as _________.
a. snow
b. a sheet
c. flour
d. chalk



I'm absolutely ___________ of roller coasters, I just don't get why people like them.
a. frightened
b. scared
c. afraid
d. terrified



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