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Body and Health
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For each of the eleven questions choose the one correct answer
1. Where would you find your ‘pupil’?
a. on your foot
b. on your hand
c. on your face
d. in your eye
2. A: "My dandruff is really bad." B: "You should _____________"
a. get some special shampoo
b. go to the hospital
c. go to bed early
d. go on a diet
3. Which is the odd one out?
a. jaw
b. chin
c. cheek
d. thumb
4. Which one of the following is not a way of describing a headache?
a. splitting
b. throbbing
c. gripping
d. constant
5. If you have a cold, which one of the following is not a usual symptom?
a. sneezing
b. coughing
c. a sore throat
d. a rash
6. If a person cannot sleep at night, what do they suffer from?
a. amnesia
b. insomnia
c. nightmares
d. daydreaming
7. “I don’t like bright lights and stuffy rooms. I…
a. suffer through headaches.”
b. suffer from headaches.”
c. suffer the headaches.”
d. suffer headaches.”
8. Fill the gap. “I’ve had a ________ back all day. I think it’s from digging the
a. sore
b. ache
c. pain
d. hurt
9. If you are feeling strong & healthy, we say you’re ‘as fit as a ________.’
a. fiddle
b. fox
c. fax
d. frog
10. Where on your body is your spine?
a. in your foot
b. in your head
c. in your leg
d. in your back
11. Which of the following is not a symptom of a cold?
a. a runny nose
b. sneezing
c. blisters
d. a tickly cough



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