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He lives in Tokyo now, ___________You should be on holiday, _________ you?You’re from Beijing, ___________You couldn’t give me a cigarette, ___________Get the phone, ____________You worked with Jill in the post-office, ____________

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For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer:


a. lives he?
b. doesn’t he?
c. does he?
d. he does?


a. couldn’t
b. wouldn’t
c. shouldn’t
d. can’t


a. aren’t you
b. aren’t you?
c. you aren’t?
d. isn’t it?


a. you could?
b. you couldn’t?
c. could you?
d. couldn’t you?


a. get you?
b. do you?
c. you will?
d. will you?


a. didn’t you?
b. did you?
c. worked you?
d. isn’t it?



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