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Unit 1 Describing people
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General appearance:

handsome, good-looking, pretty, attractive, beautiful, plain, ugly


young, middle-aged, old, in his early/middle-/late thirties


tall, short, of medium height


fat, plump, well-built, slim, thin, of medium build


green, blue, grey, big, small


short, long, wavy, curly, straight, fair, light/dark brown

Other features:

friendly, moustache, glasses, broad shoulders, full lips, friendly smile, dark/light complexion, bald, wrinkles, freckles

He is well-build He is thin
She is plump She is slim
Questions to ask
How old are you?
How tall are you?
What type of build are you?
What colour eyes have you got?
Have you got glasses/a beard/freckles, etc?

Mary’s short and in her early twenties. She’s got an oval face, long black curly hair and a small nose. Her eyes are brown.
Paul’s tall and in his early thirties. He’s got a long face and long black hair. His nose is quite large and he’s got a small mouth.
Sally’s short and plump. She’s in her late sixties. She’s got a square face, shoulder-length wavy grey hair and a wide mouth. Her eyes are green.
Mike’s tall, well-built and middle-aged with a square face. His mouth is wide, and his nose is rather big. He has large dark brown eyes and short grey hair.
Many positive words describing character have clear opposites with a negative meaning



Warm and friendly

Cold and unfriendly



Nice, pleasant

Horrible, unpleasant

Generous (=happy to give/share)

Mean (=never gives to other)

Optimistic (=thinks positevly)

Pessimistic (=thinks negatively)

Cheerful (=happy and smiling)

Miserable (=always seems unhappy)

Relaxed and easy-going

Tense (=nervous; worried a lot; not calm)




Insensitive (=does not think about others' feelings)

Honest (=always tells the truth)


Look at the ways you can join the sentences.
Similar qualities
e.g. She is friendly. She is polite.
She is friendly and (also) polite.
She is friendly and polite as well.
Opposing qualities
e.g. He is helpful. He can be arrogant at times.
He is helpful but he can be arrogant at times.
He is helpful. On the other hand/However, he tends to be arrogant at times.
John is a chip of the old block (=his character is similar to his father’s)
You are a character (=extraordinary)
Youare a man (woman) of a character (=has a strong character)

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