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For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer



Which is the correct use of suggest? "We’ve missed the bus,
a. what do you suggest us do
b. what do you suggest we do
c. what do you suggest us to do
d. what do you suggest we to do



I don’t remember ________ you at the party, were you there?
a. seeing
b. see
c. to see
d. saw



The grass is very long, it needs ________ .
a. cut
b. cutting
c. to cut
d. to be cutting



Which of the following verbs is not followed by -ing?
a. He stopped going to the cinema.
b. He enjoyed going to the cinema.
c. He wanted going to the cinema.
d. He suggested going to the cinema.



Let me ________ for the meal, you paid last time.
a. pay
b. paying
c. to pay
d. paid



He always dreamed _______ in the city.
a. of living
b. to live
c. in living
d. for living

Which one of the following is NOT possible? “My doctor suggested

________ some exercise.”
a. that I get
b. that I got
c. me to get
d. that we should get



John always insisted ________ paying the bill.
a. in
b. on
c. to
d. with



Fill the gap with the correct preposition. “After 3 years training, he
succeeded ________ breaking the world record.”
a. for
b. to
c. in
d. at



I like ________ the night before an exam.
a. relaxing
b. relax
c. to relax
d. relaxed



I dreamt ________ you last night, you’d got a new job.
a. about
b. over
c. to
d. around



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