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Задать вопрос

A: ____________ to Japan?A: ____________ any foreign languages?A: What ____________ at the weekend?I didn’t see him, when I arrived at the party, he ____________ home.Apparently, Sophie ____________ married in May – but she hasn’t invited me!Hurry! The check-in ____________ at 4.20!

Grammar Tenses:


For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer.


B: Once, when I was a little girl, we went to Osaka and saw the famous Osaka castle.
a. Did you ever go
b. Were you ever
c. Had you ever been
d. Have you ever been


2 .
B: Yes, I do, I’ve been studying Arabic at night school.
a. Do you speak
b. Are you speaking
c. Have you spoken
d. Did you speak


B: Nothing much, I went shopping on Saturday and spent Sunday with my family.
a. did you do
b. were you doing
c. you did
d. have you done


a. was leaving and going
b. left and went
c. had left and gone
d. leaves and goes


a. is getting
b. gets
c. will get
d. will have got


a. will close
b. is going to
c. is closing
d. closes