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Did you know, 9 of the 10 _______ years on record occurred in 1995 or later?This is _________ steak I've ever eaten!That was the _______ test she's ever give us!Last year, film legend Audrey Hepburn was named ____________ woman of all time.Phillip works __________ when he's under pressure.Asia boasts some of ___________ architecture in the world.

The Biggest, The Best


For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer.


a. hotest
b. most hot
c. more hot
d. hottest


a. worse
b. the worse
c. worst
d. the worst


a. the easyest
b. the easiest
c. easyest
d. easiest


a. the more beautiful
b. the beautifullest
c. the most beautiful
d. the most beautifullest


a. more well
b. weller
c. better
d. more good


a. the most modern
b. the most modernest
c. the modernest
d. the mostest modern