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I love living in Australia ______________ the weather.The increase in the number of cars on the road has resulted ________ more and more traffic“He got to work really, really late ‘cos he missed his train”. Which cause and effect word isKeith lost his job due ________ cutbacks in the department.The increase in tropical storms in recent year has been __________ global warming.Which one is NOT correct? “He didn’t turn up for the exam. __________, he failed the

Grammar Cause and Effect


For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer.


a. because
b. since
c. as
d. because of


a. in
b. to
c. at
d. for


‘cos short for?
a. due to
b. because
c. as
d. since


a. for
b. at
c. to
d. by


a. put up with
b. put down to
c. set down to
d. put to


a. As a result
b. Consequently
c. As a consequence
d. As a reason