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Unit 2 - Describing places



Describe a room

We use there is/ there are to say that someone or something exists.

There is a man and a cat in the room

There are two tables there.

We also can use prepositions:

There is a man in the living room. He is sitting in the armchair and his cat is lying on the back of the armchair behind the man. There is a lamp on the coffe table and a green book under it. There is a sofa in front of the chair and a plant on the floor next to it. In the middle of the room there is a television on the table and a rug under it. There is a beautiful picture on the one wall and a clock on another. There is a cupboard in the corner of the room.



a newspaper 

a telephone

a table

a clock

a plant 

an armchair 

a sofa

a television

a lamp 

Words of wisdom

1. The more the merrier

2. East or west, home is best

Victor’s briefcase

What’s in my briefcase? Well, there’s a newspaper – a Ukrainian newspaper – and there’s a dictionary – my Ukrainian/English dictionary. I have some pens, three, I think. Also I have a notebook for vocabulary. I write words in that every day. And of course I have my keys – my car keys and my house keys. Oh yes, very important, there are some photos of my family, my wife, and my daughter. And there’s my mobile. I phone home to Kyiv every night. That’s all, I think.