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Describing cities
Sunshine City – the city of my dreams
Sunshine City is a great city. There’s so much to do! There are a lot of cinemas, cafes, and a few parks and discos. It’s got some great clothes and music shops too.
Sunshine City is very modern and beautiful. There aren’t any ugly buildings and there’s some beautiful scenery around the city.
Is there any pollution in Sunshine City? There isn’t much pollution because there isn’t any traffic. Everyone travels by bike or walks, so there aren’t many accidents.
No one works, so everyone has got a lot of free time. Are there any unfriendly people in Sunshine City? No – so come and spend a little time here!
Question to answer
What do you like about your city?
Why is that?/ What do you mean?
And what do you dislike about your city?
Why is that a problem?
old / new
historic / modern
quiet / noisy
boring / exciting
cold / hot
wet / rainy / dry / windy
polluted / dirty / clean
convenient / expensive
dangerous / safe

(people in New York City drive) slow / fast
(people in New York City are) friendly / snobbish / kind / reserved / open / outgoing
(the museums in New York City are) interesting / boring
(the buildings in New York City are) tall / not very tall

there are a lot of tourists in New York City
there aren't many tourists in New York City

New York City has a lot of pubs
New York City has more pubs than...
New York City has a lot of museums
New York City has more museums than...

Notethat a place can be simply quiet/noisy/safe/dangerousetc.

or, it can be:

0% 35% 65% 100%
notdangerousat all not verydangerous quitedangerous verydangerous extremelydangerous incrediblydangerous toodangerous
Complete the sentences with the words below:
Garbage    crowded   comfortable   tall    outdoor     polluted air   jammed transportation     concerts
Talking about cities

The buses are so _____________

The department stores are so____________

We have a lot of ___________skyscrapers

There are lots of _______ concerts

There is too much ________

The rivers are very ________

The roads are always _________

There is a lot of ________ pollution from the factories

The _______ is very good.