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Задать вопрос

For each of the eight questions choose the one correct answer
1. Who is most likely to swing a club?
a. a golfer
b. a tennis player
c. a basketball player
d. a cricket player
2. Which of the following sports is played with a racquet?
a. tennis
b. rugby
c. hockey
d. rowing
3. At the end of the football match, 2-0 was the final ________ .
a. number
b. score
c. points
d. total
4. In tennis, the score 15-0 is pronounced as ________ .
a. fifteen, zero
b. fifteen, love
c. fifteen, nil
d. fifteen, nought
5. Which word is not a dance?
a. ballet
b. tap
c. cartwheel
d. ballroom
6. Which of the following words is connected with tennis?
a. a penalty
b. a red card
c. a referee
d. an umpire
7. Which of the following would you NOT see at a tennis match?
a. racquet
b. net
c. referee
d. court
8. If someone wins a medal in the Olympic Games, what’s the name of the
song that is played?
a. National hymn
b. National symphony
c. National song
d. National anthem