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Задать вопрос

For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer
1. After you have paid for something in a shop, you get ________.
a. a receipt
b. a recipe
c. a bill
d. an invoice
2. What do you say in a shop if you only want to look and not buy?
a. I'm just browsing
b. I'm just surfing
c. I'm just shoplifting
d. I'm just viewing
3. In a supermarket, where do you pay?
a. At the check-in
b. At the check-out
c. At the check-on
d. At the check-off
4. In a shop what do you call the small room where you can try on new
clothes before you buy them?
a. guest room
b. wardrobe
c. change room
d. fitting room
5. Which verb means to negotiate a price, usually in a market?
a. to barter
b. to dispute
c. to haggle
d. to quarrel
6. Which of the following would you not say in a clothes shop?
a. A sliced loaf please
b. I'm just looking.
c. Can I try it on?
d. I'll take it thanks.
7. Which is NOT possible? ‘I’d like a bunch of ________ please.’
a. flowers
b. bananas
c. bread
d. grapes
8. Which of the following does NOT mean ‘cheap’?
a. cut-price
b. budget
c. bargain
d. dear
9. Which if these is NOT correct? When you go shopping you can pay
a. by cheque
b. by credit card
c. by cash
d. by debit card
10. Which of the following is NOT possible?
a. Shopping centre
b. Shopping basket
c. Shopping assistant
d. Shopping spree
11. Where would you get a loaf?
a. A chemist’s
b. A post office
c. A bookshop
d. A baker’s