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For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer



‘I've got money in the bank again, so now I'm back in the ________ .’
a. red
b. black
c. yellow
d. green



Choose the more formal alternative for the word in bold.
‘That picture cost me twenty quid.’
a. dollars
b. pounds
c. pence
d. cents



If you haven't got any money, you are ________.
a. broken
b. broke
c. smashed
d. shattered



How would you say the following amount of money? .1276
a. One thousand and two hundred and seventy six pounds.
b. One thousand, two hundred and seventy six pounds.
c. One thousand and two hundred, seventy six pounds.
d. One million, two hundred and seventy six pounds.



“It costs a fiver”. In Britain this means ________ .
a. fifty pence
b. five thousand pounds
c. five hundred pounds
d. five pounds



The following are all types of money. Which one do you borrow when you
want to buy a house?
a. pocket money
b. mortgage
c. allowance
d. grant