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Задать вопрос

For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer
1. Choose the word closest in meaning to the word in bold italics:
"I was enthralled by the wild, stormy weather."
a. fascinated
b. frightened
c. annoyed
d. depressed
2. The film was very long and uninteresting, so I was terribly ________ .
a. tiring
b. tiresome
c. boring
d. bored
3. Choose the word that does NOT mean the same as the other three
a. exhausted
b. harassed
c. weary
d. worn-out
4. Which word is different?
a. happy
b. glad
c. miserable
d. pleased
5. What do you 'blow' if you lose your temper?
a. your head
b. your roof
c. your top
d. your nose
6. If you are livid, you are very
a. worried
b. excited
c. angry
d. ill
7. Before you take an exam you might feel ________.
a. disappointed
b. shy
c. nervous
d. self-conscious
8. If you feel extremely happy about something you are over the ________.
a. sun
b. stars
c. moon
d. clouds
9. If you think something is very funny, you ________.
a. cry
b. weep
c. giggle
d. sob
10. If you have a shock or are very frightened, you might shake like a
a. leaf
b. cocktail
c. rattlesnake’s tail
d. baby’s rattle
11. Which phrase means to be happy?
a. to be gutted
b. full of beans
c. sick as a parrot
d. cheesed off
12. If someone feels blue, how do they feel?
a. happy
b. jealous
c. angry
d. sad