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Задать вопрос

For each of the eight questions choose the one correct answer

1. The word which means two people singing together is
a. a duet
b. a duo
c. a twosome
d. a duem

2. Choose the correct spelling of this musical instrument.
a. ciello
b. chello
c. cello
d. cijalo

3. Which word is NOT connected with the cinema?
a. The silver screen
b. The front row
c. A box office hit
d. The orchestra pit

4. Which of the following TV programmes is more serious?
a. a sitcom
b. a soap opera
c. a documentary
d. a chat show

5. John is a famous theatre ________ for the NY Times.
a. critic
b. criticism
c. criticise
d. critical

6. I went to see a great art ________ at the National Gallery yesterday.
a. exhibition
b. exibition
c. exsibition
d. expisition

7. Which of the following is not connected with the theatre & plays?
a. scene
b. act
c. novel
d. stage

8. Which of the following words is NOT connected with music?
a. lyrics
b. chorus
c. rhythm
d. sketch