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When describing a place or building, your composition should include:
  1. an interesting introduction mentioning the exact location of the place you describe, and the reason for choosing this place.
  2. a main body where the main aspects of the place (e.g. sights, atmosphere, details about the place, etc.) should be analysed in detail.
  3. A final paragraph where your feelings about or recommendation of the place or building should be mentioned.
We can find descriptions of places as parts of stories, in tourist magazines or brochures, articles, parts of letters etc.
Use narrative techniques to start (set the scene) and finish you composition. You can start or finish it by:
  1. using your senses to describe the weather, the surroundings etc.
Black clouds hung overhead and the wind howled through the trees. Flashes of lighting seemed to tear open the sky giving the old castle a magical appearance.
  1. using Direct Speech
“Welcome to Castle Carreg,” a voice said, as the old heavy wooden door creaked open.
  1. c. asking a rhetorical question.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the night in an old, haunted castle?
  1. d. describing people’s feelings or reactions about the place
Though the huge castle on the hill had been empty for over a hundred years, many people claimed to have heard strange noises coming from it late at night.
  1. writing a quotation about the place
An English man’s home is his castle.
  1. Creating mystery, suspense or anticipation
As she looked up at the old castle, it seemed as though icy fingers gripped her heart. Has she really experienced all that, or was it her imagination.
My House
Our house is in a quiet neighbourhood in Oakridge. Every time I walk into it, I feel an immediate sense of warmth and security.
It is the most noticeable house in the street because of its colourful garden. There is a long driveway which leads to the house, and even before you enter through the old oak front door you can hear the sound of the happy voices of the large family that lives within.
The front door opens into a spacious hall. Downstairs there’s a bright kitchen with an open fireplace and a large wooden table where we all sit chatting for hours on winter evenings. The air is usually filled with the delicious smells of my mother’s cooking. Next to the kitchen is the living room, which is usually untidy as this is the place where we go to relax, watch TV or listen to music. As you go upstairs you can see doors leading to five bedrooms and two bathrooms. My bedroom has an antique four-poster bed and a dressing table next to the window. This is where I wake up every morning to the delightful sound of birds singing and the refreshing smell of coffee from downstairs.
When my friends come to my house they often describe it as a dream house, but to me it’s just “home sweet home”
The living room or lounge (where you sit, relax, talk and watch TV)
The dining room
The kitchen
The bedroom(s)
The bathroom(s)
Some people also have a study (room for reading/writing/studying in)
A utility room (room usually next to the kitchen, where you have a washing machine).
A spare room (a room you don’t use every day. Often this is a room that guests can use).
A playroom for small children