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Задать вопрос



For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer



Which of the following is the strongest advice?
a. You should get a hair cut.
b. If I were you I’d get a hair cut.
c. You ought to get a hair cut.
d. You really must get a hair cut.
2. It doesn’t snow in one of these sentences. Which one?
a. He would go to the Alps if it snowed.
b. He would have gone to the Alps if it had snowed.
c. He will go to the Alps if it snows.
d. He wouldn’t have gone to the Alps if it hadn’t snowed.



Fill the gap with a suitable word. I must get a sandwich, I’m ________
a. quite
b. absolutely
c. very
d. rather



Complete the sentence. “ I wish I ________ rich.”
a. am
b. will be
c. would be
d. were



Which of the following is not correct?
a. If you hadn’t been late, we ‘d have caught the train!
b. If you would have been on time, we’d have caught the train!
c. If you get here on time, we might still catch the train!
d. If you weren’t always late, we wouldn’t have missed the train!



In one of the following sentences, change ‘like’ to ‘as’.
a. Their house is like a palace.
b. My feet are so cold they are like ice.
c. He’s 30, but acts like a child.
d. I used to work like a teacher.