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Задать вопрос



For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer



We enjoyed our holiday ________ the bad weather.
a. despite
b. although
c. even though
d. in spite



A: Where’s James? He’s an hour late!
B: He might ________ lost.
a. get
b. got
c. has got
d. have got



‘Open the window, ________ you?’
a. will
b. do
c. open
d. could



My shoes have holes in them, it’s time I ________ new ones.
a. buy
b. bought
c. have bought
d. would buy



Which word does NOT go in the space?
When I was a boy, all my family ________to my grandma’s every year.
a. visited
b. would go
c. used to go
d. went



Which is the correct reported speech of - He said, “Do you have a car?”
a. He asked do I have car?
b. He asked do you have a car?
c. He asked if I had a car.
d. He asked if you had a car.