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Задать вопрос



For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer



Which of the following is factually and grammatically correct?
a. China is bigger as England.
b. China is more bigger than England.
c. England is as big as China.
d. China is bigger than England.



She lit a fire because she _________ so cold.
a. fell
b. felt
c. feel
d. fallen



Which of these is correct?
a. our’s
b. theres
c. your’e
d. you’re



A: _________? B: Oh, about 20 minutes.
a. What time is it?
b. How long does it take?
c. How many?
d. How long time is it?



I hate buying flowers, they always _________.
a. die
b. death
c. dead
d. died



A: I can’t ride a bike. B: ________.
a. Neither can’t I.
b. So can’t I.
c. Neither can I.
d. So can I.