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Задать вопрос



For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer



1. Jane Austen wrote the novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’. But what parts of
speech are those words ‘pride’ and ‘prejudice’?
a. verbs
b. prepositions
c. conjunctions
d. nouns



2. He ate the meal, ________ the vegetables.
a. except from
b. apart for
c. except for
d. apart



3. In the sentence, "I like dancing," what is the word "dancing"?
a. gerund
b. participle
c. adjective
d. adverb



4. She's the woman _______ came into the shop.
a. who
b. whom
c. whose
d. (no word)



5. How long ________ you lived here?
a. have
b. has
c. been
d. is



6. Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
a. Its a job I'd really like to have.
b. It's a job I'd really like, to have.
c. Its' a job I'd really like to have.
d. It's a job I'd really like to have.